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Deck scorched by fire pit

Not all fire pits will cause this much damage to a wood deck.

Composite decking melted by a fire pit

Or this much damage to a composite deck.

PVC decking melted by a fire pit

Or this much damage to PVC decking.

But most fire pits will cause some damage to a deck from light scorching to some melting and disfigurement of the plastic textured surface to the kind of damage shown above. Of course heat rises, but it also radiates downward. The heat under the fire bowl of a fire pit can reach 500 degrees Fahrenheit with some fire pits and over 200 degrees with others. The embossed surface of composite decking will soften at 170 degrees. 

DeckProtect Octagon

No fire pit will cause any damage to your deck when placed on a DeckProtect.

How DeckProtect Works

DeckProtect™ is engineered to block the heat under a hot fire pit. Two layers of a fire-proof fibrous board made from a type of volcanic rock known as basalt keep the heat from reaching your deck. 

Hard rubber feet raise the DeckProtect frame above the deck to allow for air flow and ensure that your deck will not become stained from trapped moisture.

Trex, which is probably the most popular and best known brand of composite decking, has been recommending DeckProtect to its customers for several years. The company asked us recently if we could send them a DeckProtect that would be the right size for the Solo Stove Bonfire, which Trex offers on its web site. This photo is from a photo shoot Trex did of a beautiful Trex deck in Virginia and is used here with their permission.
This Old House recommends DeckProtect
DeckProtect has been successfully protecting decks for thousands of homeowners. Not one has ever complained that it failed to protect their deck. A few years ago This Old House recommended DeckProtect in an article “All About Fire Pits.”

There are other products that are promoted for protecting your deck under a fire pit. However, no other product has the same engineering, the same track record, the same recommendations, or the same reputation as DeckProtect™.
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