fire table on a DeckProtect

Choosing the right size DeckProtect™

If your fire pit is 23 inches by 23 inches at its base, it will fit comfortably on a 24″ square DeckProtect. However, choosing the right size DeckProtect is not always obvious or intuitive. That is what this blog is designed to address. 

Generally, we recommend choosing a DeckProtect size large enough for the legs or feet of your fire pit to fit within the frame and rest on the surface of the basalt board. Though fibrous, the basalt board is rigid enough to support the weight of your fire pit. It may be pressed in a little by feet of a heavy fire pit, but this is rarely problematic.  The photo above shows a fire pit that has a lot of space below the fire bowl. For this particular fire pit and others with this much air space underneath, you may be safe with a smaller DeckProtect that fits within the legs of the fire pit as in the photo below.

small fire pit over a DeckProtect™

If you are purchasing your fire pit online, the web site will most likely tell you the width or diameter of the top, but not the diameter of the base or the footprint size of the feet. 

measure the feet of your fire pit

If your fire pit is supported by legs, it is really important to measure the distance from the outside of one leg (including the foot pad as shown above) to the outside of the next. And it is possible that the feet are not equally placed so you should check the spacing of all three or four feet. 

Square and octagonal shape of a DeckProtect™

The illustration above shows how a round base with a 27-inch diameter fits in either a 28-inch square DeckProtect or a 28-inch octagonal DeckProtect. The stated size of our octagons is flat side to flat side, not corner to corner. You should take into account that the space inside the frame will be about 1/4 inch less than the stated size. We recommend planning for it to be a half inch less to be safe. So, in other words, the space inside the frame of a 28-inch square or octagon will be a safe 27-1/2 inches. 

Though our octagon shape may be more expensive because we make them one at a time by hand, and it takes longer to make an octagon, it is not larger than a square, and is in fact smaller. Think of the octagon as a square with the corners cut off. This is important to take into account when you are figuring out what size you need for a fire pit with legs. It will be much easier to select a square shape because the available space is clear. It is not so clear with an octagon. 

It might seem logical that a fire pit with feet that are 23 inches apart would fit on a 28-inch octagon. The illustration above shows that feet 23 inches apart (outside of one foot to outside of the next foot) really do not fit on a 28-inch octagon.

In the shopping cart on this site each octagon and hexagon will have a sizing illustration like the one above. You may have to scroll down to see it. The one above shows sizing for a 30″ octagon. 

BY THE WAY….. For now and until we update the site with new information, you will not see a 28-inch octagon. The shopping cart shows only a 27-inch octagon and a 27-1/2″ octagon. This will be annoying, and we apologize. The reality is that we have been making the 27-1/2 inch octagon 28 inches wide for customers that need that width. 

IMPORTANT:  We invite you to email us for a detailed analysis of DeckProtect size for your fire pit.

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