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Frequently Asked Questions!

Does DeckProtect Ship to Canada?

Yes, we do ship to customers in Canada. There will be a modest increase in shipping charge. Just send us an email to

Do you make custom sizes?

Yes. Just send us an email to tell us about the type of fire pit or fire table you have. It is best to send a link to the web site where you are purchasing the fire pit. We will need to know the dimensions of the base.

Does DeckProtect work on a lawn?

No, we don’t recommend using DeckProtect on a lawn. DeckProtect is designed to rest on a hard surface such as a deck or patio.

What is your return / refund policy?

We have a page on our main web site that details our policy. Please visit the policy page on our main web site.

Is DeckProtect Weather Proof?

Yes. It can be left outside in any weather. DeckProtect is made with aluminum, and basalt. The basalt board will soak up water like a sponge and dry out when the weather is dry.

Other Questions?

We have a more extensive FAQ page on our main web site. Also we are happy to address questions that come to us by email:

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