Fire pit on a DeckProtect

Recommended by Trex

A few years ago Trex, the leading manufacturer of composite decking, tested DeckProtect and concluded that our product was the only safe way to use a fire pit on their decking. They published a tech data sheet that explained their conclusion. Of course the best way to protect your composite deck is to simply not place a fire pit on it. The next best way is for the contractor to build the deck so that it goes around the fire pit, not under it, using adequate insulation. However if you really want to place your fire pit ON the deck, the best solution is our product. 

Trex data sheet that recommends DeckProtect™

TimberTech and Fiberon and other companies that manufacture similar WPC (wood-plastic composite) decking do not recommend DeckProtect™.   We think they should because the factors are the same. In any event, we are grateful to Trex. We often hear from customers who have called Trex to ask about putting a fire pit on their new Trex Deck and were told they should do so only if they have DeckProtect.™.

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